Monday, July 9, 2012

Gallery Standout | You could be next!

Hello! It's me again.
Shawnbear. aka, La'Shawn, here to bring you another addition of LBSD Gallery Standout!
I new immediatly which layout should be showcased on the blog! All I saw was the thumbnail and it jumped out at me in the gallery. So, lets jump right to it shall we?!

This week's gallery standout it:

by CarolinaScrapper

I think it goes withouth saying what makes this layout standout...but I will say it anyway. ;) This clustering is fantastic!! It really caught my eye. The bright pretty clusters against the white background as well. It is great choice of paper to really make that wonderful clustering really pop. I truly like the sentiment of the page as well! Nothing like an awesome scrapped page to show someone they are awesome...right? :) 

Make sure you click the link above and go leave her some much deserved love. CaroliaScrapper, make sure you leave a comment here with your email so that we can get you your prize. :D
If you would like to be the next GSO pick here is how you have your chance. Scrap with LBSD template, you know you love to, and show it off in the gallery. Make sure you put it in LBSD gallery. We will be leaving love and pickin out one stand out a week. Not only will you be featured on the blog! You will win you choice of on product from LBSD brownie shop. So get to a "little bit" of scrapping and show it off.
That is all for me today. 
Happy Scrapping!

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