Saturday, April 28, 2012

Texing & internet slang for dummies

(The part of the song that I'm talking about starts about halfway through the video)

After hearing this song, I realized how "un-cool" I was according to my kids.
I'd heard this song on t.v. while I was in the other room doing laundry. I couldn't hear all the words to the song but all I know is that it was actually really addicting. It's the kind that just stays in your head {...whether you like it or not}.
I'd strongly recommend you know the words and acronyms to the this type of song before you start singing it and making up your own words. Because if you don't ... your kids will find out how uncool you really are. So to keep yourself from embarrassment like me, I recommend you study up on your texting and Internet slang. Here is a very helpful link. Enjoy :)


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