Monday, January 16, 2012

Faux Cupcake Tutorial! Yum!

Good Monday morning everyone!

I have a fun little tutorial instore for you today!!!
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On to the tutorial!!
Several months ago I had seen some amazingly scrumptious faux cupcakes on etsy. I totally fell in love! I was bound and determined to learn how to make them.  After a few google searches, tutorials,  and trial and error, I figured it out.
What  PERFECT Valentines Decorations!
Muffin Pan
Plaster Of Paris
 Acrylic paint (for cake and frosting colors)
Cupcake liners
Lightweight spackling for frosting
3 " Styrofoam balls
Hot Glue
Pastry Bags
Decorating Tip
Cupcake Toppers
Sprinkles or other decorations
Cherries (cut from decorative red berry garland)

It may look like a lot, but the process is really quite simple:)
1-Put your cupcake liners in your muffin pan.
2-Mix plaster of paris according to the directions on the box.
The package recommends 2 parts plaster of paris to 1 part cold water.
(For me this made 8 cupcakes)
3-Stir plaster of paris and water mixture well. Fill cupcake liners.
4-The plaster of paris will take about 24 hours if not longer to set.  But before they are fully set and dried, you want to insert a toothpick into the center.
5-Once the plaster of paris is COMPLETELY hardened, cut 4 styrofoam balls in half. (These will be the cupcake tops)
6-Pierce the middle of the ball with the toothpick that is inserted into the plaster of paris. Then take the ball off the toothpick and squirt some hot glue into the hole you created with the toothpick. Put the styrofoam ball back on the toothpick. (Hopefully this makes sense)
Steps 7-9 are optional (I didn't do this)
7-Cover the styrofoam with a thin & smooth coat of paperclay.  Allow the clay to dry.
9- Paint desired cupcake color (dark brown for chocolate, yellow for yellow cake etc.)
The spackling mix resembles the texture of frosting. Yum. (But please...don't eat it!)
10-If you would like the desired color of frosting to be white, go ahead and fill your pastry bag with the spackling mixture. (Fill the bag and use just as you would real frosting. Working your way decorating the cupcake with the "frosting" from the outside in.)
11-If you desire colored frosting, add a few squirts of the colored acrylic paint. Mix well. Fill the pastry bag and use just as you would real frosting. Working your way decorating the cupcake with the "frosting" from the outside in.)

12-Add any sprinkles, glitter, beads, pearls, wire for photos or business card holders,
or cupcake toppers.
13-Let dry overnight.
14-Enjoy...and please remind husband and children these ARE NOT edible. Thank you:)

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