Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where to find color inspiration?

There are so many places I find my color inspiration. 
Today I'm going to touch on one of my favorites.
Have you ever heard of:

I'm sure you're no stranger to it.  You've probably seen it pinned on Pinterest before. If not, you need to check them out!  It's updated nearly everyday with new color palettes and samples.

Design Seeds a great source of color inspiration. I use it all the time in designing my digi scrap kits, or designing blogs.
When we are home owners, I will definitely use this source as inspiration when painting and decorating the house.

I love the palette search option. They have a few different options.

1.  RGB color swatch match.
(Move the RGB color sliders back in forth until you find something you like.  Then they match that color with color palettes they have on their website.
2. Search by theme. (See print screen sample below)
3. See similar colors
(Next to the color palette you have the option to pick a color, and it will search for more similar colors on Design Seeds website.

For the use in designing I download the color palette of choice from the website, bring it into photoshop and use my Eyedropper tool to make a photoshop color swatch to make digital papers, or use the color hex number for matching colors in blogs.

Here's an example of a digital paper pack I made using Design Seeds "Frosted Tones" color palette.


2 Little Bit People Said...:

Jess said...

Thanks. I am planning on quite a bit of painting this coming spring and summer. I love the samples that I see on Pinterest and now I know where they come from. Is there a program to load a pic in and try out paint colors?

Erika said...

I know there are virtual rooms that you can try virtual paint colors on, and they are matched to real colors, but as far as loading one of your own picts, I'm not sure. I'll check on that.

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