Monday, June 25, 2012

Gallery Standout!

Happy Monday!
LaShawn here for another week's post of LBSD Gallery Standout. Yay!!

Everyone has the chance to be spotlighted on the blog. Not only that, but there might be free stuff involved for you. Who doesn't like that?!? All you have to do, is scrap, upload, get loved, and you might just get picked.
Erika's gallery is full of beautiful layouts. Having great templates will do that! It was really hard to pick out just one layout to show. However, I managed to do it. 
Here is this week's layout:

by March 76

I REALLY like how she took this template and flipped it. It is so cool seeing people take templates and make them their own. To use them as the creative bases that they are meant for. I also really like the use of pattern paper and the clustering. Of course, you cannot discount that infectious smile! :D Just makes me smile looking at it!
Make sure you click the link above and go leave her some much deserved love. March 76, make sure you leave a comment here with your email so that we can get you your prize. :D

If you would like to be the next GSO pick here is how you have your chance. Scrap with LBSD template, you know you love to, and show it off in the gallery. Make sure you put it in LBSD gallery. We will be leaving love and pickin out one stand out a week. Not only will you be featured on the blog! You will win you choice of on product from LBSD brownie shop. So get to a "little bit" of scrapping and show it off.

That is all for me today. 
Happy Scrapping!

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